Rozsa Mariah Educational Society provides best schooling experience to the studentsthrough "Rosemary Digital Learning".

Rosemary Digital learning is an instructional practice that ultimately helps students. It makes use of a broad range of technology-enhanced educational strategies. It includes blended learning, flipped learning, personalised learning, and other strategies that rely on digital tools to a small or large degree.

Rosemary Digital learning is replacing traditional educational methods more and more each day. With how rapidly classrooms are changing, it is best to forget methods you may remember from when you were in school and start thinking about newer teaching and learning techniques based on digital learning tools and technologies.

Learning tools and technology enable students to develop effective self-directed learning skills. They are able to identify what they need to learn, find and use online resources, apply the information on the problem at hand, and even evaluate resultant feedback. This increases their efficiency and productivity. In addition to engaging students, digital learning tools and technology sharpen critical thinking skills, which are the basis for the development of analytic reasoning. Children who explore open-ended questions with imagination and logic learn how to make decisions, as opposed to just temporarily memorising the textbook.

The Rosemary Digital Learning online Support Tools mentioned below are available for Rosemary Matric Hr. Sec. School (Model) and Rosemary School of Excellence.

  1. MyClassCampus
  2. CleARS AI (NEET / JEE Support)
  3. Pocket Study (School and Private Video Contents)
  4. Fliplearn (DesignMate Video Contents)